Sexual Harassment – Things You Need To Know

a2.PNGYou should know that sexual harassment cases are happening all over the world; in workplaces, on the streets and even at home, a thing like this could happen to you so it would be best to understand what sexual harassment really is.

If you want to know more about sexual harassment make sure you get to read the article below.

As a general meaning, sexual harassment is harassment based on unwelcome sexual advances or action towards another person.Even requesting for sexual favors on a person that clearly does not like it is already considered sexual harassment.Verbal and physical conduct of sexual nature is sexual harassment.

Understand the concept of sexual harassment below.

You need to know that sexual harassment is actually a subjective reality. You have to know that the concept of sexual harassment was coined during the mid 1970’s by working women; they felt that men in particular were doing sexual acts to them that were inappropriate for them. It was only in recent years that it was really acknowledged as a problem in the society today. The fact that sexual harassment is common in most workplaces is a problem in itself because no one should be regularizing or saying that sexual harassment is common because that means people are used to it which is bad.Victims are under pressure by doing sexual things just to get that raise or promotion that they want for their future; this is a problem that people must get rid of as soon as possible because people, women in particular are not feeling safe anymore.

There are different types of sexual harassment that you should know about.

Another form of sexual harassment is gender harassment and it is a generalized sexist statement that convey insulting things about the female race. Insulting comments and offensive jokes about women is also considered a form of gender harassment.

Seductive behavior is also another kind of sexual harassment that is represented by unwanted or inappropriate sexual advances on a person. This means that a person is trying to push himself or herself onto another person even though that person does not like to do those kinds of things.

Sexual bribery is also another problem that has been scouring the streets terrorizing women and men alike; it is a form of sexual harassment that bribes the person to do sexual acts and get some kind of payment after the deed is done. These are things that you should watch out for. Learn more here:

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